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A better way to automate your lost and found management

Save time and money, and enhance your guest experience with all-in-one Found Hero's toolkit for lost & found and shipping.

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Save time & money

Spend less time on handling lost and found, and focus more on enhancing guest experience.

Ship more lost items

We handle everything from notifying the owner and collecting payment to pickup and delivery.

Automate everything

Use our powerful RESTful API to integrate lost and found management directly into your application.

Manage Locations

All your locations in one place.

A simple, user-friendly solution developed for multi-property managers to manage lost & found tasks and streamline return shipping of lost items.

  • Manage multiple locations
  • Register and track unlimited lost items
  • Assign different contact persons
Manage Lost Items

A single source of status for all lost items.

Register and track every lost item in one place. No more post-it notes or spreadsheets.

  • Add, update, and archive lost items
  • Automatic notifications to guests
  • Pickup & shipping labels creation
  • Tracking of shipments

Everything you need to deliver an excellent lost and found experience.

GDPR compliant

Ensure GDPR compliance when handling personal data.

Item investory management

Register and track all your lost items in one place.

Robust reporting

Detailed reporting about your lost items management.

PCI complaint payments

Safe and secure payments collection via Stripe.

Automatic emails

Automatically notify guests about their lost items.

Integrated shipping

Print shipping labels, track packages, and schedule pickups.

Shipping rates

Compare shipping costs across multiple carriers in real-time.

Customer feedback

Collect positive feedback and reviews from customers.

Robust searching

Search lost items by keywords, dates, and locations.

How it works

Transform your lost and found process into happiness

  1. Found something? Register it!

    Take a photo, write some details like what you have found and where you found it, and add guest email. It all takes less than 45 seconds.

  2. We contact the guest

    We automatically send an email to the guest. They can choose to schedule a pickup by themselves, leave it behind, or get their item back.

  3. We inform you about the guest decision

    We'll inform you when the guest has made a choice. For shipments, you'll receive a printable shipping label, and carrier pick-up date and time.

More satisfied customers

Turn a frustrating situation into a memorable experience for your customers.

  • Create confidence in your brand
  • More positive feedback and reviews
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Frequently asked questions

Found Hero provides a robust lost and found management solution for businesses. We handle everything from notifying the guest and collecting payment to pickup and delivery. All you need to do is find lost items and register them on your dashboard.
Found Hero helps businesses save 50-80% time and money while focusing on enhancing the guest experience. It enables businesses to do the job with ease and speed, responding quickly to customer requests, return more lost items, deliver an excellent experience for their customers.

Found Hero also makes sure that you're following the best practices for lost and found management.
Found Hero is completely free for businesses to handle their lost and found items. We only make money on shipping commissions we earn when lost items are shipped with our carrier partners.
Absolutely! We attach the highest priority to keep your data secure. All the personal Identifiable data is properly encrypted before storing it on our server and is delivered through a secure SSL/TLS connection.
Currently, we are working with UPS, DHL Express, USPS, and FedEx to handle return shipments.
Found Hero provides a simple yet powerful RESTful API to integrate lost and found management directly into your application.

Take a look at the API documentation to learn more about available integration options.